A Floating Outtake and/or Calmed Inlet will help ensure that only the cleanest water from the tank reaches your taps.

  • Floating Outtake: Draws the cleanest water for use from the top of the tank
  • Calmed Inlet: Allows water to enter the tank without disturbing any sediment at the bottom


Why Marley?

15 year guarantee

We stand by our product, and back it for 15 years

Will not rust / corrode

Designed for NZ’s salt-laden coastal air

UV resistant

UV resistant to handle NZ’s harsh summer sun, high UV levels and long, hot days

100% Recyclable

Used spouting and downpipes can be returned to Marley for recycling

Made in NZ

Proudly made in New Zealand for over 50 years



Floating Outtake: Hose length 2 metres


Calmed Inlet



Technical Details

(includes 25mm Reducer)

The Floating Outtake improves the quality of water going to the house, building or trough by ensuring the best water is taken from the top of the tank.

The bottom of the Floating Outtake hose is connected tot he tank’s outlet by a fitting.
This outlet may be on the lower side or very bottom of the tank. The ball float suspends the stainless-steel filter at the top of the hose just below the water surface where the cleanest water lies.

When the water level is very low and the hose lies on it’s side, the collar helps to keep the filter above any sediment layer. Taking only clean water from the tank can also reduce pump system problems and maintenance costs.


  • Install in new tank, or empty existing tank prior to fitting (Remove any remaining sediment).
  • Check tank outlet fitting size. If not 32mm or 25mm as provided, purchase required adaptor fittings. Note: Marley recommends the use of Teflon tape on all fitting threads.
  • If at full extension the tank hose will be higher than the highest water level, remove the bottom outtake fitting, cut hose to height and replace the fitting.
  • Screw on fitting, fill tank, and enjoy better quality water.



A calmed inlet is a special footed u-bend that sits at the bottom of the tank inlet pipe on the floor of the tank. The calmed inlet directs incoming flow up and away from any sediment that has settled at the bottom of the tank. In this way incoming water does not disturb the sediment and contaminate the rest of the tank water.

The Marley calmed inlet is designed to slide onto the bottom of Marley 100mm pipe. Smaller diameter pipe should be positioned so that the pipe is centred as far as possible down into the calmed inlet.

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