Akasison Siphonic Drainage

Akasison siphonic roof drainage is a concealed system that rapidly drains water from commercial roofs.

  • Ideal for large footprint premises with minimal roof fall such as warehouses and factories.
  • Freedom of Design: The system allows for flexible routing of pipework.
  • Space Saving: Smaller pipework can be installed horizontally with zero gradient, creating more usable space.
  • Cost Efficient: Fewer pipes and minimal groundwork means reduced costs.




Roof Outlet

Pipe 5M

45° Bend

88° Bend

Reducer Eccentric

Reducer Eccentric Long

Cleanout Branch 90°

Junctions 88.5°

Junctions 45°

Expansion Socket

Electrofusion Coupler

Inspection Cap & Base

End Cap (Butt Weld)

Accesories: Welder & Output Leads


Technical Details

Please contact 0800 Marley (0800 627539) and ask for our New Zealand based in house designer.

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