Calmed Inlet

A Calmed Inlet reduces the amount of sediment circulating in a tank.

  • Stops incoming water stirring up sediment
  • Fits on the end of a 100mm (or less) inlet pipe
  • Made of potable water safe uPVC

Why Marley Stratus Design Series®?

15 year guarantee

We stand by our product, and back it for 15 years

Will not rust / corrode

Designed for NZ’s salt-laden coastal air

UV resistant

UV resistant to handle NZ’s harsh summer sun, high UV levels and long, hot days

100% Recyclable

Used spouting and downpipes can be returned to Marley for recycling

Made in NZ

Proudly made in New Zealand for over 50 years


Technical Details


A calmed inlet is a special footed u-bend that sits at the bottom of the tank inlet pipe on the floor of the tank. The calmed inlet directs incoming flow up and away from any sediment that has settled at the bottom of the tank. In this way incoming water does not disturb the sediment and contaminate the rest of the tank water.

The Marley calmed inlet is designed to slide onto the bottom of Marley 100mm pipe. Smaller diameter pipe should be positioned so that the pipe is centred as far as possible down into the calmed inlet.



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