Maxi Trunking

Perfect for concealing & protecting surface wiring in agricultural and industrial buildings that require larger cable-carrying capacity

  • Quick & convenient access for the future servicing or modifications
  • Heavy Duty rated
  • UV resistant for outdoor use
  • EGA range has a super thick rounded profile for added strength




Why Marley?

Quality Assurance
Practices & procedures to deliver on customer expectations

Proven Reliability
History of durability in NZ conditions

100% recyclable uPVC and PE materials

Made to NZ standards & specifications

Full Range
Conduit & cable duct systems for building & infrastructure applications

Nationwide sales and technical support


NB: Available in light grey or dark grey (both colours are UV resistant outdoors)


Maxi Trunking


End Piece

EGA Tube Trunking


Technical Details

Colours Available White
Material uPVC uPVC
Size Available*** 16 – 40mm 50 – 150mm
Duty Rating* Light Duty Heavy Duty
Impact Resistance* Medium High
Non-Flammable* Yes Yes
UV Resistant White – high
Brown – low
Temperature Range* 0°C to +60°C 0°C to +60°C
Comply with
AS/NZS Standard
4296 4296
Chemical Resistance High** High**
Suitable Fittings Yes Yes

* As per manufacturing standard AS/NZS 4296
** Avoid contact with ketones, esters, aromatic and chlorinated solvent
*** Range of depths available



Marley trunking and fittings are manufactured from uPVC and are manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 4296 Cable Trunking Systems.


Marley trunking features double-lock clip tops for security and accessibility.

To remove the lid; start with a peeling action from one end. Where lids are butted together, carefully insert a screw driver blade to enable an initial start to be made. Attempts to remove the lid in one motion along its length or forcing it with a tool under the edge will fail to remove the lid and may damage the edge of the trunking.


The grey and white Marley uPVC trunking range contains titanium dioxide to provide high UV performance.

N.B. Brown Marley trunking is designed for indoor use.

N.B. Grey Marley maxi trunking has a moderate UV performance.

Marley trunking may be painted using acrylic paints which will enhance the long term weatherability when installed outside.


All installation should be in accordance with the Electrical Regulations and AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Rules.

The following is a guide only:

  1. When planning the route to be taken, consider drops to sockets, switches and other fittings.
  2. Where angles and tees are required the trunking base ends should be mitre cut at 45° to provide a neat join.
  3. Fix the main body of the trunking by drilling through the base and screwing into position with flathead wood or metal screws. Oversize holes should be drilled to allow for expansion/ contraction and large washers used under the screw to provide suitable support.
  4. Fixings should be at maximum 500mm centres for mini trunking and 1000mm centres for maxi trunking. At low levels where trunking may be liable to impact or for uneven surfaces this should be reduced to 300mm centres.
  5. Once the base has been fixed the wiring can then be installed (hold in place by using short offcuts of lid).
  6. Cut lids 10mm shorter where fittings are to be used to allow fitting to snap over base.
  7. Once the wiring is in place, snap the lid into place by starting at one end, applying even pressure and work along the length (removing temporary wire supports) as you go. Then snap on lids of fittings.
  8. Allowances should be made for expansion/contraction. Do not push trunking hard against fittings. Allow a 7mm gap every 10 metres for every 10°C rise in temperature.

As per AS/NZS 3000* part Cable trunking installations shall comply with the following:

  1. Covers shall be able to be opened, where practicable.
  2. Covers shall be continuous when passing through walls or floors.
  3. Cable trunking shall be accessible through its entire length.
  4. Cables installed in a trunking shall not rely on any readily removable cover for support.
  5. Non-hygroscopic trunking shall be used to enclose insulated, unsheathed conductors.
  6. Live parts of accessories mounted on cable trunking shall be arranged so that basic protection is provided, in accordance with Clause 1.5.4.

The Ultimate Defence

Using an application-based approach, the Marley ARMA® range is simplified to save space in your vehicle and time at the work site, while achieving a long lasting, professional finish each and every time.

Independently verified to comply with AS/NZS 61386, the Marley ARMA® rigid conduit system is proudly made in New Zealand and 100% recyclable.