Curve® is a new era leaf and debris diverter that combines sleek, sophisticated design with innovative filtering technology.

  • Removes leaves and debris. Protects tanks and stormwater systems
  • Very easy to install, self shedding, and low maintenance
  • Can capture over 99% of water with a clean screen



Curve® Features
Curve® Installation

CURVE® – Drawing water in, keeping leaves out

The Marley Curve® is a new era leaf diverter that combines sleek, sophisticated design with innovative filtering technology. Its unique screen design draws rainwater in while preventing leaves and other debris from entering into your water tank or stormwater system.

Grey Friars®

Why Marley?

15 year guarantee

We stand by our product, and back it for 15 years

Will not rust / corrode

Designed for NZ’s salt-laden coastal air

UV resistant

UV resistant to handle NZ’s harsh summer sun, high UV levels and long, hot days

100% Recyclable

Used spouting and downpipes can be returned to Marley for recycling

Made in NZ

Proudly made in New Zealand for over 50 years


Technical Details

Material: uPVC (unplasticised PVC)

Certified for use with potable water: Certified to AS/NZS 4020: 2005

Water Capture: Can capture over 99% of water with a clean screen.*

Screen Aperture: 0.8mm

Guarantee: 15 years if installed as part of a Marley spouting and downpipe system, and properly maintained.

Design Registration: Aus 201713189 / 201713190; NZ 422381. Aus Patent Application No. 2017225002; New Zealand Patent No. 743448.

Compatible Downpipe Systems:

  • Designed for the Marley RP80® 80mm round downpipe system. (All colours available)
  • Adaptors available separately for the Marley RP65® 65mm round downpipe system. (White only) See figure 1.
  • Do not install on downpipes larger than 80mm as this could cause a flow restriction.
  • Not recommended for rectangular downpipes systems. IF installing Curve on a rectangular downpipe, install a section of Marley RP80 round downpipe before and after the Curve using the appropriate rectangular to round adaptors.
  • Not compatible with metal downpipe systems – Change out downpipes to Marley RP80® to install Curve.


  • The Curve is quick and simple to install and comes with two downpipe clips a self-adhesive cutting and instruction template. If unsure please speak to a trade professional.


  • For best performance install Curve as high as possible on the downpipe.
  • If installing Curve on a straight drop, it is recommended that Marley RB3.80 and RB5.80 43° bends are installed before the Curve to reduce flow velocity. See figure 2.
  • If your downpipe system is connecting to a retention tank, the tank inlet must be lower than the Curve. Note: if the tank is full and the overflow outlet is not sufficient to drain incoming water, the tank water can back up the downpipe and overflow out the Curve.
  • The screen face of the Curve should be perpendicular to the spouting. i.e. on the front face of the downpipe. Ensure the screen is sitting properly in the lower housing and that the screen tab is over the lip of the housing (not caught under it).
  • Consideration should be given as to where the leaf debris will be discharged. If possible, avoid positioning Curve above pathways and decks. Wet leaves are a slip hazard.


  • Regularly check the filter screen to ensure that there are no debris blocking the water flow.
  • Routinely wash the filter screen. Simply slide the quick release upper body up the pipe to allow removal of the screen from the bottom unit, then rinse.
  • Replacement filter screens are available if required.

*Based on a flow rate of up to 1.6 l/s under controlled test conditions. Actual performance will vary depending on the particular environment, installation parameters, climatic conditions, and presence of leaf matter and other debris.

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