SecuraOne® Hot & Cold System

SecuraOne® is the next evolution of hot and cold systems, offering standardised PB & PEX pipes with one range of fittings designed to work with both. SecuraOne® has a range of market leading features and is backed by a 25 year warranty from Marley.

SecuraOne® has been fully designed and developed in New Zealand passing all international third party testing to meet the stringent design criteria set down by the Australian and New Zealand standards authorities. Look for the standard mark as a stamp of quality assurance. Made from lead free brass, SecuraOne® fittings meet the building code regulations on drinking water safety.



Introducing the next evolution of Hot & Cold systems – SecuraOne® by Marley

SecuraOne® fittings are designed to work with the SecuraOne® range of PB and PEX pipe – one fitting, your choice of pipe. Available in a range of sizes including the new 32mm which is perfect for light commercial applications.