SecuraOne® PB Pipe

SecuraOne PB pipes are made from the same high-performance materials as the SecuraGold range but to the new metric SDR9 dimensions. The new dimensions provide a thicker wall section giving a PN20 pressure rating and better overall long-term performance.


Code Description
S1PB125S Pipe 12mm x 5m Straight – Grey
S1PB165S Pipe 16mm x 5m Straight – Grey
S1PB205S Pipe 20mm x 5m Straight – Grey
S1PB255S Pipe 25mm x 5m Straight – Grey
S1PB325S Pipe 32mm x 5m Straight – Grey


Code Description
S1PB1225C Pipe 12mm x 25m Coil – Grey
S1PB1250C Pipe 11mm x 50m Coil – Grey
S1PB12100C Pipe 12mm x 100m Coil – Grey
S1PB1625C Pipe 16mm x 25m Coil – Grey
S1PB1650C Pipe 16mm x 50m Coil – Grey
S1PB2025C Pipe 20mm x 25m Coil – Grey
S1PB2050C Pipe 20mm x 50m Coil – Grey
S1PB2550C Pipe 25mm x 50m Coil – Grey