Classic Toilet Seat

Product Code: CLDFWH

Double flap medium weight seat with quick release function

Regent Toilet Seat

Product Code: RGDFWH

Fits all Dux toilet suites

Assist Single Flap Seat

Product Code: RB6015W

A single flap heavy duty seat used with Dux Commercial Care toilets

Toilet Seat Buffers

Product Code: TSB

Replacement part for Classic and Royal toilet seats

Toilet Seat Clamp Plate

Product Code: TSCPCT

Replacement part for Classic and Twinline toilet seats

Toilet Seat Hinge Pin

Product Code: TSHPWHCT

Suitable for Dux Classic and Twinline seats

Toilet Seat Fixing – Classic & Twinline

Product Code: TSNBWCT

Toilet Seat Fixing – Regent & Royal

Product Code: TSNBWRR

Toilet Seat Pillar & Rod – Regent & Royal

Product Code: TSRGPRSWH