Centreflush2 Cistern Lid

Product Code: CF2LIDSP

Plastic toilet cistern lid with round button hole

Flushpipe Nut

Product Code: CFFNCT

Attaches flushpipe to cistern

Valve Sealing Washer

Product Code: CFLL30795

Suitable for Dux flush valves in Centreflush, Loline and Vienna

Flush Button Complete

Product Code: CFLB5590SP

Chrome plastic dual flush button

40mm Flushpipe Connector

Product Code: CSFCC

Creates a watertight seal between flushpipe and pan

40mm Flushpipe

Product Code: CSFCWH

Connects the Centreflush cistern to the Pan, 610mm high

Flushpipe Reducer

Product Code: CSFRC

Secures 40mm flushpipe to cistern

Overflow Stopper Kit

Product Code: CSOHSKLTWH

Barrel Dual Flush Valve

Product Code: LLB4910SP

6/3L flush, adjustable to 9L

Pan Screw & Cap Set

Product Code: PSPPWH

Side Entry Inlet Valve

Product Code: SEB3200SP

Adjustable level side entry valve